Wedding Ceremonies

Your Wedding Ceremony is the most personal story of you and your partner for life as you embark on an exciting adventure ahead.

Your custom-written ceremony will become a treasured family memory, perfectly telling the world about your love story. Your story may be romantic, fun, gushy, touching – it may even be a roller coaster, but it is your story, and it deserves to be told your way.

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, and as such, will be given the respect it deserves. Whether it is a quiet wedding in a special garden, or an event for 300 of your closest relatives and friends, I will bring options and choices to you to ensure you get the ceremony you want and deserve.

At the centre of the ceremony is your declaration of love to each other – to commit publicly your love for each other – this is why writing your ceremony for you is so very important.

I am able to suggest music, poetry and dress for your ceremony, and have a treasure-trove of sub-ceremonies to include to make your wedding unique and special.

Writing your own special vows adds meaning to the promises you make to each other. You may want to build on traditional vows, or write something totally unique and specific to you and your relationship. Regardless, if you need my help to write your vows, I am available to provide assistance.


Wedding Ceremony Options

Within the wedding ceremony, any number of other ceremonies can be included:

  • The Sand Ceremony
  • Traditional Cultural Ceremonies
  • The Warming of the Rings Ceremony
  • Ribbon Tying Ceremony
  • Remembering those passed during your Ceremony
  • Special readings from special friends/family
  • Handfasting Ceremony
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony
  • Step Parent/Step Child/New Family Ceremony
  • Bell Ceremony

I am happy to bring into your ceremony whatever will make it special for you. I am open to incorporating elements of Pagan, Wiccan, Celtic, Gothic, Medieval, etc. into your ceremony if you wish.

The Venue

  • What day of the week and what time your ceremony will take place?
  • Location – inside/outside – if in a park, do you have to book the area?  Will the location be mobile? i.e. a boat, train, etc.
  • Structure – if outside, will there be a rotunda, shed, or archway?
  • Privacy – a garden, home, golf club, etc.
  • Reception venue – garden, chapel, etc.
  • Content – secular, religious components, readings, poetry, sub-ceremonies?  Will it be relaxed, formal, funny, entertaining, traditional or serious?
  • A Party – where the guests are unaware that they will be attending your wedding ceremony.
  • Geographical location – Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs, major regional centres of Victoria – discuss your requirements with me.


The Process

I will work with you along the following lines:

  • During the first contact (usually by phone or email) I will confirm my availability for the ceremony date.
  • First meeting is no-obligation. Basic details are taken and you can meet me in person to exchange ideas and decide if I’m the right celebrant for your needs.
  • The process of working together begins during the second meeting.  An agreement is signed and a deposit of 50% is paid.  A questionnaire is completed, legal paperwork started, discussions begin around the ceremony you would like – perhaps starting to think about sub-ceremonies, poetry/readings, music, etc.
  • Ongoing is the refinement of your story/writing of your vows. I will work closely with you jointly and/or individually to ensure your vows convey what you want them to say.
  • Rehearsal (including “vow coaching”) and final payment.
  • The Big Day.  I will arrive a minimum of 1 hour ahead of the ceremony to set up and ensure everything will run smoothly.  I will liaise with the venue operators, photographer, videographer, any musicians, etc.
  • Happily Ever After

Notice of Intended Marriage

For your information, please download and print the Notice of Intention Marriage form