Renewal of Vows

People renew their vows for many reasons, but usually it is for one of two reasons: to celebrate a successful long-term relationship or to begin anew after a troubled ‘season’ and breathe new life into a perhaps ‘less than strong’ marriage.

If you are planning to renew your vows for the celebratory aspect, you already know you have much to be grateful for; maybe a landmark anniversary, an excuse for a family reunion or restored health.

The Renewal of Vows ceremony is totally personal and tailored to your needs.  You can make the same vows as when you were married, or choose new ones.  You can rededicate your rings, or exchange new rings or gifts to celebrate the occasion.  You may like to involve family and friends in the ceremony by asking them to read a poem, or you might wish to say a few words to acknowledge the love and support that has been given to you by family and friends through the years.  You may decide to ask the same Witnesses to attend, or perhaps ask adult children to play a part.  Alternatively, it can just be the two of you.  It’s all up to you!

Renewing your vows is NOT a legal ceremony – it is a public statement of your love and commitment, perhaps also an inspiration to younger married couples.  You become role models of commitment, perseverance and dedication to the wonderful institution of marriage.

Every Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony will be unique; I will work with you to create your ceremony to meet your objectives and make sure that it is a cherished and memorable event.