Naming Ceremonies

Raising children is a hugely important part of anyone’s life. It is a big responsibility yet also an utterly rewarding one. It is easy for time to pass by, especially in the early years. A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious way to celebrate the arrival of your child, and formally welcome them into the family. It provides an opportunity to make promises of commitment to your child in front of your friends and family. The ceremonies are not just for babies, any aged child could be welcomed into your family after an adoption or the inclusion of stepchildren into your family.

The ceremony will be designed to meet your individual needs, and provide a formal opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the birth and welcome your child into the family and wider community
  • Announce the names that you have chosen and, if appropriate, explain the reasons behind the choice
  • Make promises of commitment to nurture and support your child into adult life
  • Make promises to each other as parents to affirm your relationship in caring for your child
  • Choose other adults prepared to promise a special supportive relationship to your child – e.g. God Parents, Guide Parents, Mentors, Guides, Grand Parents, etc.
  • Encourage siblings to be involved by participating in readings or other tasks during the ceremony
  • Presentation of an individually designed certificate commemorating the occasion.


My event management background ensures that I have lots of ideas to present to you to provide special ways in which you can make the ceremony totally unique to you and the child or children involved. Naming ceremonies can be held anywhere you can gather your family and friends, and I will work with you to provide suggestions of poetry or readings, and music to ensure you have a truly happy and memorable event.